Carbohydrate diet, what is it and does it really work?

The idea behind the carb diet is consuming carbohydrates to minimize. Carbohydrates are o.a on bread and potatoes. Several diet gurus have a carbohydrate diet developed the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet by Dr. Frank and the grip on carbohydrates are some diets are diets under the so-called low-carb. According to many diets, gurus is […]

8 Foot Care Tips Everyone Should Know

Anyone needs healthy feet to carry daily activities smoothly. We immediately feel the troubles when it is hard to even get up or walk around so don’t wait until our feet are in pain to take care of them.  Here is the list of 8 simples but handy foot care tips for everyone 1. Maintain […]

Visual art: graffiti

ART OR VANDALISM? Graffiti merges into the mists of time with human history and does not only depend on context. These fundamental features, of course, recall its symbolic role (mapping to other areas) and subversive (diversion framework for delivering an implicit or explicit message). This notion of form (popular) allows us to address the structural […]

What market form are there?

The market form includes all conditions under which companies compete. In one market there are many providers in the other microscopic. The market structure is explained in the story. The following items will be discussed: perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competition. If you are one of the people who are in this field, keep […]

10 tips for food photography with Nikon

Now we are very used to seeing the great plates of food people eat with their friends in social networks, especially after the arrival of Instagram. Besides, every time we find blogs about food, recipes … you will find tempting photographs that throw you off. So, how to get the most out of the camera to make […]

Visual Arts and Arts for the blind?


The concept of art includes human creations that express sensitive view of the world, both real and imaginary, either through plastic resources, linguistic or sound. Art is born with a ritual or magical function and evolved thus becoming aesthetic or recreational. Visual Arts – This term is related to the direction that can detect and […]

Higher conversion through reviews


Do you do it too? Before declining a product or service first ask for references or reviews? From your own network of friends, or through reviews of absolute strangers? Almost everyone does it. Consumers are indeed looking for confirmation.They want to be convinced that they make the best choice. Research has shown that 61% of consumers read […]